wildthing4956's Journal

my name is Laura, most people call me Trevi as to not get me confused with Robbie

-i go to rockwall high school
-i do gymnastics at rockwall
-i love breyers strawberry ice cream and i like to eat it by the quart
-chocolate is my main food source
-i love biology,and chemistry is ok
-i love music, hate practicing
-im a sax player
-im brazilian
-im kind of short but a recent physical has told me that i am now a spiffy 5'4! beat that kimberly =P
-i love gymnastics
-i love my friends
-i love guys
-i like most people i meet and and i only wont if you're a jerk/bitch ,ignorant, or act like a dumbass
-i try lots of everything so its pretty hard to label me into a specific group, i dress the way i want, i say what i want and im probably not going to care what you think of me